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Financial Reporting Review Panel

Members of the Financial Reporting Review Panel (FRRP)

Panel Convenors

Mr Mark Johnson

Dr PM Kam, BBS

Mr Carmelo Lee, JP

Mrs Catherine Morley

Mr Paul Shieh, SC

Mr Tang Kwai Chang

Ms Priscilla Wong, BBS, JP

Mrs Betty Yuen, JP


Prof Gary Biddle

Mr Abraham Chan, SC

Mr Edmund Chan

Prof Cheng Cheng Shing

Prof Peter Cheng

Ms Yvonne Cheng, SC

Ms Ivy Cheung

Mr Cheung Kwan Hoi

Mr Jeckle Chiu

Mr Louis Chow

Mr Ian Farrar

Mr Tommy Fung

Mr Paul Hebditch

Ms Joan Ho

Mr Carlyon Knight-Evans

Ms Kelly Kong

Mr Nelson Lam

Mr Leo Lee

Mr Ernest Lee

Mr Lee Yin-toa

Ms Cynthia Lim

Mr William Lim

Ms Fanny Lung

Mr Bernard Mak

Mr Christopher Morley

Ms Agnes Nardi

Mr Hong Ng

Mr Paul Phenix

Mr Eric Tang

Mr Hamilton Tang

Ms Teo Chew Ping

Mr Tsui Hon Man

Mr Wong Kim Man

Mr Stephen Wong

Mr Thomas Wong

Ms Wendy Yuen

Ms Wendy Yung

Prof Zhang Guochang

Members of the FRRP are appointed by the Financial Secretary under the delegated authority of the Chief Executive of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The Financial Reporting Review Committee (FRRC)

When the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) decides to conduct an enquiry into a non-compliance with financial reporting requirements on the part of a listed entity, it may appoint a FRRC consisting of a Panel Convenor as the Chairman and at least four other members of the FRRP to conduct the enquiry.

The FRRC may, with the powers vested in it under section 43 of the Financial Reporting Council Ordinance, require relevant persons to produce records and documents and provide information and explanation for the purpose of the enquiries.

Page last updated: 20 August 2018