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About us
Our work process

Strategic approach
We have four key sources of work.
Complaints from the public and cases referred by other regulators
News on listed entities and their auditors/reporting accountants
Review of modified auditors reports
Financial statements selected under the risk-based financial statements review programme
Screening and/or initial review
Potential significant auditing/reporting irregularities and/or non-compliance with accounting requirements identified?
Refer cases of auditing /reporting irregularities to regulators of relevant auditors/reporting accountants for considering disciplinary actions
Request listed companies to remove identified non-compliance with accounting requirements
Issues not within the FRC’s remit: refer to other specified enforcement agencies
Insignificant issues: write to listed entities and/or their auditors to advise on review findings and suggest improvement
Publication of press release(s) on investigations and/or enquiries *
*Enquiry reports/investigation reports or any part of them may be published in due course. Please refer to case library.

Page last updated: 21 January 2016